Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 3 August 2008

Go forth and multiply

Anne Burton’s comment on the front cover of the May 2008 newsletter to the effect that ‘our stud stock might be disappearing’ and the call to our young Blencowe men to ‘Go forth and multiply’, made me look into the details of our 2007 Reunion in England to see whether we could do any better.

Apparently only 8 men of the 140 people, who attended the Port Macquarie Reunion in April, had the Blencowe family name. At Marston St Lawrence and Oxford in 2007 we did somewhat better!

Of the 60+ who attended we boasted 12 men with the family name. For the record these were: Jack Blencowe, Wilfred Blencowe, John Blencowe, a second John Blencowe, Rupert Blencowe, Keith Blencowe, Allen Blincoe, Don Blincow, Stuart Blinco, Noel Blincoe, Peter Blincow and myself. Some of the above would say they had done their bit and were anyway past the age to obey her call!

Peter Blencowe

Our 8 men photographed at Port Macquarie have sired 20 children between them including 9 sons.


updated: 12 October 2008