Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 3 August 2008

Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

In the last newsletter, I featured an article about a young Blincoe who was achieving at an extremely high level and in this edition you can read about another high achiever. Traditionally the newsletter is about things that have happened in our past, our family history. A thought is that today's achievers are tomorrow’s family history. On behalf of our readers I wish Adrian success in the Beijing Olympics and Anton the best in his prospering career.

Marjorie Papalii, who is now assisting with the newsletter, sadly lost her father last month. Roy and Lorna Tovey had been enjoying our newsletter for years and along with Marjorie and Fe were the first to express an interest in attending the last reunion. Due to Roy’s ill health only Marjorie and Fe were able to attend.

It is good to have articles from a wide range of people this time. I am sure that some correspondence from North America would be of interest to us all.

As Marjorie will be more involved with the next newsletter, be sure to send in your stories or research enquiries to make her task an easy one.

Anne Burton
editor @
August 2008

updated: 31 October 2008